Hey, nice to meet you!
I'm Amaka, a multimedia designer from Atlanta, Ga.
I love learning about people. Why do we do the things we do? What draws our attention vs. what doesn’t? Because of this, I was convinced I wanted to be a psychologist for most of my life.
Then I found out about graphic design.
While I still love learning about people, I now know that I also love to create just as much. I am happiest when I can take any amount of info and make it really speak to the intended audience with clean visuals.
Fun Facts: I love to travel and learn/experience new things, am a big fan of standup comedy, and am a HUGE foodie. 
Open to talk about anything, such as the latest trends in design, or just what’s good on TV (SpyXFamily, Unbreakable: Kimmy Schmidt, and Why Women Kill are current faves)! Reach out here.
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