Talking Heads
Talking Heads: A Neuroscience of Language: This book cover was made for a Fall 2021 project where we had to create a visually interesting cover for one of GSU’s least checked-out books. Each person had a randomly assigned book and was tasked with researching the details of the book and translating those details into images that would grab an audience’s attention.
The Pain and Power of Lemonade: A typographical booklet meant to show off the typeface Didot for the final project in my Fall 2020 typography class.
This booklet focused on the power behind Beyonce’s album Lemonade. I wanted to capture the bold and fierce nature of the music videos. The color palette was chosen from Beyonce’s dress, which is an iconic moment in her album that most people instantly recognize.
Saul Bass Inspired Covers
As an extension of the Olympus Publishing House identity, I created a series of book cover designs using the design style of Saul Bass. It was my responsibility to research each story and determine the strongest compositional design. Each book cover is typographically focused with abstract imagery. Spring 2020.
Tools used: Ai | Ps | Id
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