Procurement U Gives BackProcurement U is an online educational service meant to educate people about what procurement is and how it affects their daily lives. This social media post & banner is to inform everyone that for a limited time, this service is free for all users.
Exchange banners
Banners that inform the people of the company when and where their annual Exchange conference is happening.
Promotional material to encourage people within the company to share their stories of how NASPO has facilitated in the process of making meaningful connections.
Quote Wall:  This project consisted of 20+ quotes, all to be printed out and presented on a wall at NASPO’s conferences. This wall will also have a virtual version, to be put on social media.
A series of ads made for NASPO meant to inform students of the purpose of procurement and get them interested in possibly pursuing procurement as a career field.
Banners made for NASPO's sister company, UPPCC, that are meant to showcase users that completed their CPPO certification and to encourage others to follow in their footsteps.
Tools used: Ai | Ps
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