One of the most integral parts of gaming is working with other people in order to obtain a desired goal, whether it be winning the match or simply completing objectives. 
Challenge: Other friend-finder apps are not specifically tailored to gamers, and if they are, users complained that they felt more like a dating site rather than an app to meet friends. Other apps often have an expensive price tag and make the process of adding your favorite games incredibly difficult.
Solution: Opplay helps users by removing the aspect of judging one by appearance that other friend apps have. By only using avatars, we are able to produce a place of inclusivity where a user can make friends regardless of what they look like. We have also added a type-to-add feature where users are able to type in the name of their favorite games instead of selecting them from entirely too long and endless lists that are featured in other apps.

Link to high-fidelity prototype here.
Tools used: Figma | Ai | Ps
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